UHI Mass Media Strategy:
The UHI mass media strategy was developed and implemented by JHU CCP and includes TV and radio spots, behavioral films, role model films, and activation in select cities.  Mass media is focused on generating demand, and is complementary to the communication strategies developed and implemented by other UHI partners working on mid media interpersonal communications at the clinic and community levels.  The UHI mass media strategy follows a layered approach for communication. It focuses on stimulating demand by segmenting audiences by family planning choices in mass media and sustaining demand by building negotiation skills and addressing method specific fears and concerns through 8 behavioral films. Positive deviants have been used to trigger change through role model films highlighting real stories of real people who have accepted FP.

Mass Media Spots: Stimulus for change:

UHI is proud to share three dynamic TV spots which are on the air!   The three TV spots are part of the demand generation campaign “ek chotta sa faisla de khusiyan hazaar! Download PDF

UHI Mass Media Campaign – Promoting adoption and consistent use of modern contraceptive methods
One small decision …can bring unlimited happiness
“ Ek chotta sa faisla de khusiyaan hazaar”

Ek chota sa faisla de khushiyan hazaar
One small decision ….can bring unlimited happiness

FIlms 30 Secs

Family Planning Choices

FP Choices

Postpartum FP (UHI)

Post Abortion FP

Spacing, IUCD

Female & Male
Sterilization And IUCD


Female Sterilization (UHI)

Male Sterilization (UHI)

Male Sterilization (UHI)

DMPA, OCP, Condom



Condom (UHI)

Female Sterilization (UHI)

Maternal Health



Iron (UHI)

Birth Preparation (UHI)

Maternal Health

Hospital Birth (UHI)

Postpartum Care (UHI)

Danger Signs (UHI)

Breastfeeding (UHI)

Newborn Care

Newborn Care (UHI)

Immunization (UHI)

OPV vaccine (UHI)

Vitamin A (UHI)


Film 1: Shifting women from traditional methods to modern long-acting methods
This TV spot motivates women to move from the use of traditional methods to long acting modern contraceptive methods, specifically IUCD and DMPA
Watch 60 Sec
Watch 20 Sec

Film 2: Moving men with limiting need from inconsistent condom use to male sterilization
This TV spot focuses on motivating men who want no more children to accept voluntary male sterilization
Watch 60 Sec
Watch 20 Sec

Film 3: Post Partum Female Sterilization
This TV spot motivates couples to accept voluntary female sterilization immediately post partum, for couples who want no more children
Watch 60 Sec
Watch 20 Sec


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Role Model films: Stories of change
City specific positive role models have been identified and their stories have been captured through short 2-3 minutes films. The films feature real stories of real adopters for 8 categories to support the program strategies ie post partum FP, post abortion FP, female sterilization, male sterilization, injectibles, condoms, IUCDs, responsive peer educator and empathetic service provider.


Role Model Films on Female Sterilization
Role Model Films on Male Sterilization
Role Model Films on IUCD
Role Model Films on Injectable
Role Model Films on OCP
Role Model Films on Condom
Role Model Films on PAFP
Role Model Films on PPFP


Role Model Films from Aligarh
Role Model Films from Agra
Role Model Films from Allahabad
Role Model Films from Gorakhpur


Watch the Film on you tube channel



Activation: Happy Dampatti ki Khoj – Experiencing change
Happy Dampatti ki khoj” an innovative activation program has been designed and implemented in Aligarh to drive demand for family planning in the low season. Modeled like a community based reality show, “Happy Dampatti ki Khoj” (Search for Happy Couples), the contest surrounds and engages with communities to identify and celebrate couples who have successfully accepted family planning for a better future. These positive deviant stories were amplified to city wide audiences through local hoardings, newspapers, radio and TV channels for diffusion of positive behaviors.

January 23, 2012, Outlook, Not Just Pillow Talk: A reality show goes between the sheets to foster family planning in Aligarh slums Download PDF , Outlook online link

हैप्पी दम्पति की कहानी , विजेता जोड़ों की जुबानी- Happy Dampati: the winner couple's story Download PDF